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Thanks to all who attended the Iowa Groundwater and Public Health Symposium on March 11th!
More news and events coming soon, including a new IGWA Underground magazine this summer, a Fall Conference, and perhaps even an outdoor Field Trip!


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The Iowa Groundwater Association is...

organized for scientific and professional study of groundwater hydrology. The objectives of the Association are to advance the science of groundwater hydrology, especially as it relates to the state of Iowa; to hold meetings and conduct demonstrations for scientific and technological purposes; to foster the spirit of scientific research throughout it's membership; to promote the development of understanding of groundwater hydrology; to encourage improvements in methods of developing groundwater; to safeguard the public welfare by disseminating information to protect groundwater from contamination and misuse; to improve communication between state regulatory officials and professionals and technicians working with groundwater; and to cooperate with or affiliate with the activities of state and national associations organized in the interest of groundwater use, conservation, management, and protection.


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